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Our Treatments


We provide all aspects of general dentistry here at BDC. We understand having a check-up or treatment can often cause anxiety for some. Rest assured we are here to make your experience a positive one! 

General Dentistry

Root Canal

Dental Implants can be life changing. We understand the impact missing teeth can have on our patients well-being. Dr Rishi Patel is here to help you restore your smile to it's full potential.

Dental Implants

Perfect Smile

Cosmetic treatment ranges from whitening and Composite Bonding, to bridges and dentures. Provided by our in house Prosthodontist Dr Raelene Sambrook.


Dental Cleaning

Dental Hygiene visits are just as essential as your check-ups, if you want to retain your teeth. 
We offer a classic treatment of  scale and polish, as well as extensive, pain free Air flow treatment (GBT) for stain removal and scaling. (Please see below)



When a tooth is infected/dying, Root canal is the final option to save your tooth. Treatment is performed under local anaesthetic and expert attention with the talents of Dr. Pierluca Campana under microscopic detail


(Root canal)




One of the simplest ways to improve your smile and confidence is with Teeth Whitening. We offer a range of whitening system to suit your lifestyle, all of which will help you achieve the natural smile you desire. 


Invidalign/clear aligners are often the solution to having straighter teeth without having to wear the traditional metal braces. 


Perfect Smile


Braces Smile


Orthodontic treatment not only provides the obvious benefits of aligning your teeth and jaws, they can also reduce your risk of gum disease, tooth decay and tooth wear. Our Orthodontist Dr Anant Bakshi provides treatment for both children and adults.

At the Dentist

Periodontal diseases are mainly the results of infections and inflammation of the gums and bone that surround and support the teeth.
Dr Nader is specialised in providing expert treatment to manage this disease


(gum health)

Botox Injections



afpm_front (2)_1_edited.jpg

Guided Biofilm Therapy is an evidence-based solution for all your oral hygiene needs. Using state of the art AIRFLOW®, PERIOFLOW® and PIEZON® technologies on teeth, soft tissues and implants, with warm water.
Ideal for all, especially if you suffer from sensitive teeth.


(Stain removal)

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