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Getting all shined up for the holiday season!

Chillier nights and shorter days are creeping up. Seems like ages ago we were dealing with over 40 degree weather, begging for rain. Along with the cooler weather, we are also welcoming our new GBT therapy for hygiene here at Biggleswade Dental Centre.

What is GBT?

GBT is an 8-stage process to gentle but deep teeth cleaning, using the EMS AIRFLOW ® machine. GBT is a predictable procedure for the removal of biofilm (bacterial flora which forms plaque), stains and young calculus from teeth, implants, restorations, orthodontic appliances and from above and below the gum line.

What are the benefits of GBT?

GBT minimizes the use of power and hand instrumentation. AIRFLOW® is minimally invasive on all types of dental tissues: dentine, cementum, enamel and gums. Minimal abrasion for maximum comfort: GBT enables the patient to enjoy natural teeth and implants for much longer. Caries often develop in areas not accessible by rubber cups or brushes, such as interdental areas, pits and fissures. AIRFLOW® cleans it all. A final check delivers a more accurate, precise and early detection of caries on clean surfaces. Also, it allows fluoride to access a clean tooth more easily.

What do our patients say about the GBT treatment?

"I will never go back to traditional hygiene appointments, this leaves such a clean feeling!" - Matt, Biggleswade

"I have really sensitive teeth and the fact that the GBT uses warmer water makes this virtually painless! Honestly, amazing!" - Kerry, Sandy

"Worth every penny!" Holly, Bedford

To book your GBT appointment, ring the practice at 01767 660555 and speak to our friendly reception team!

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