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Bright Sunshine, Bright Smiles

Can you believe it's already summer time? Bright beachy days ahead along with many memories to be made. Weddings, holidays, and more but do you feel that your smile will shine through?

At this time of year many people start researching teeth whitening and how it can turn their teeth from drab to Rylan white (extra points if you get the X-Factor reference). But how safe are these procedures? We see them on tv, social media and in our local salons advertising 'WHITER SMILE IN 30 MIN' and other dubious claims which make it very tempting to hop on the whitening train.

Here are a few things to remember when searching for Whitening solutions.

1) NOT all whitening is created equal. Some whitening strips or paste that you can purchase in your local chemist will whiten your teeth, however, the results may not last as long as you would like them to and there is also a chance of increased sensitivity which may warrant a visit to the dentist.

2) Local salons/beauticians/etc should not be providing whitening without a prescription. This is why we always recommend seeing a dental professional who can properly assess your teeth, gums, and mouth to ensure whitening is right for you.

3) Here at Biggleswade Dental Centre, we offer two systems of professional whitening. Award Winning Boutique as well as the ever popular Enlighten. One may be more suited for you than the other so it is important to speak to a professional to ensure you get the best results.

Open Day 2022

Did you catch our Open day? We welcomed the great people of Biggleswade to our surgery to show that even though we are the longest established dental surgery, we are keeping up with the times with the latest technology and innovative techniques.

With special guests like the Mayor of Biggleswade, Grant Fage as well as Town Councillors, and the Managing Team of Biggleswade Football club, we had quite the time showing around the newly refurbished practice.

As we step into the second half of the year, we are ready to bring you the best dental care

in Bedfordshire.

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