Prevention is better than cure

Prevention is better than cure

Did you know that there are more than 700 different types of bacteria living in your mouth? Poor dental hygiene allows these bacteria to flourish and bleeding gums give them direct access to the blood stream.
A recent study at the University of Bristol found that certain types of bacteria stick onto platelets causing the platelets to clump together and encase the bacteria creating small blood clots.

The formation of these small clots increases a person?s risk of stroke or a heart attack. Professor Jenkins who conducted the study said “In other words it doesn?t matter how fit, slim or healthy you are, you?re adding to your chances of having a stroke or a heart attack by having bad teeth.”

Now we?ve well and truly scared you all to death, we would like to introduce you to our personalised hygiene service and the team that delivers it.

Proper hygiene isn?t just about a scale and polish, its about a proper diet too and making sure that you do your bit by regularly cleaning your teeth and ideally flossing. Our team are here to help and advise you on the best and most effective techniques.

At Ballard and Tucker we take dental hygiene very seriously, the fact that we have three hygienists is testimony to that, as many dental practices have only one or in some cases none at all.

We are currently in the midst of building a new website where we will be giving hygiene a much more prominent position than our current site. We?ve also produced a booklet entitled The Guide to Good Oral Hygiene.

This booklet will be available to download from the website and we would encourage as many of you as possible to take advantage of this free publication, its packed full of tips and hints to keeping your teeth and gums in tip top condition